Brunette woman facing away from viewer, wearing fitted orange gown.

My current work is an examination and celebration of the human figure, body language and fashion. I base much of my art on simple figure drawings from a weekly class. I have worked as large as life-size and as small as a ten inch square canvas. I draw both men and women, but my art tends to be female-centric. Though I use people as my subjects, I'm not a portrait artist, and in general I am not representing any specific person in my art.

I use a variety of mediums, including oil colors, chalk pastel, graphite and charcoal. I work on many surfaces including canvas, wood panel, and a broad range of papers.

Intense color, particularly orange, red and emerald green, is one of my passions. I often incorporate these and other colors into my work. I sometimes include subtle humor or irony in my work, something I hope will evolve further.

I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and was originally trained as an illustrator. My work from that time is stylized and whimsical, (please see Archive, under Portfolio tab), but my interest in using people as subject matter and my love of color both began during that career.